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FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar Final Match Date, Time, Schedule, Venues and Teams Update

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Fifa world cup 2022: You need to know about

Every year, the teams around the glove always remain busy in sports and various teams participate and show their best skills. The Olympics is considered to be the most famous among them, and the athletes show a large variety of skills and add rewards and trophies to their achievement list. But, another game, held after a long wait, is the FIFA World Cup, which is for diehard fans and lovers of football and its beginning is no less than great news for them. The year 2022 is the most awaited and the FIFA world cup 2022 is the reason. The fans are waiting for sparkling moments, magical movements, and tremendous shots from their Superstar players.

This article will give you all the information you need to know about the competition.

Last WorldCup memories

The inspiring scenario of the last world cup 2018, when France lifted the trophy and celebrated their win in Luzhniki stadium is still in front of their eyes. The organizers start preparations for the next tournament right after two years, they invite the teams to start dreaming to lift it this year. We wait to see now where the tournament will take place and who takes the responsibility to host FIFA.

What is the FIFA world cup?

Fifa, an international football tournament, was founded in Paris under the presidency of Robert Guerin. Fifa stands for Federation Internationale de football association,  in which almost all the teams participate, and players join this based on their skills and moves. It takes place once every four years. Switzerland is its region as the headquarters is located in Zurich, a city of Switzerland. The Fifa international world cup is all about the men’s football championship, which is the member of an association of FIFA.

Time, Date, Teams, Groups, and Venues of FIFA 2022

The tournament is the 22nd edition of the FIFA world cup. It will start on November 21 in Al Khor, Qatar, and conclude on December 18 in the Lusail International stadium. It is the first- world cup played in an Arab country. The Fifa World Cup 2022 is the second World Cup that is going to be held in Asia. The chances of playing in the world cup were in Korea and Japan. The schedule includes the quarterfinals and semifinals. The viewers will enjoy the final on December 18. The entire tournament includes 64 games, starting on December 16. The first two rounds of matches will take place on the same day and kick off at a local time.

World Cup in Qatar

The tournament will take place in the Middle East. The matches will take place in outdoor arenas in June and July. The makers announced the date after many people raised concerns about hosting this large event during the summers. The tournament will continue until December 18  Due to the extreme heat in Qatar, this tournament will occur during the winter. Ensuring that the temperatures are manageable for the players and officials. In 2022. Al Bayt Stadium has an almost 60,000 capacity arena. It is shaped like traditional tents used by nomadic people in gulf countries. There will be 16 countries competing for the title, and only two will advance from eight groups. FIFA decided to move the tournament to November when the European football club season begins. They decided it with the hope of minimizing the impact on the local soccer culture.

FIFA world cup 2022 & Qatar world cup 2022 About and Latest Update
FIFA world cup 2022 & Qatar world cup 2022 About and Latest Update

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Group stages

The group stage will feature four matches per day, with the winners progressing to the knockout round. The makers will decide on the remaining three spots by mid-June. The final draw for the tournament will take place in Qatar on 1 April 2022. At that time, the organizers will determine the best start times for each match. During the group stage, teams will play games early morning and late evening.

Position of France in World Cup 2022

The defending World Cup champions France will head to Qatar later this year to defend their title. The other teams in the tournament are determined to give their best in the game. So France should be able to win this year’s tournament. But will anyone challenge the French? Would Didier Deschamps’ men be able to do so? In the end, they’ll be looking to keep their crown. The former champions, including Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay, have already qualified. The other two CONMEBOL nations, South Korea, and Iran will be ranked third and fourth, respectively. The qualifiers for the competition will be determined in March and the four teams that are not in the final will compete in an intercontinental playoff against a North American team.


Division of teams

The competition is about to be held for the first time since 1978. The host nation, Qatar, will be in position one of Group A. The organizers divided the teams into groups and named them Group A, Group B, Group C and it continues till Group H and there are 4 teams in each. The rest of the nations will be placed in four pots according to FIFA rankings. The top-ranked teams will be placed in the first pot. The group will have one nation from each confederation. The European Union will have two nations in each group.

Draw date of FIFA world cup 2022

After qualifying for the World Cup final, teams from the other continents will make their way to the final. After a draw is made, the top three teams from each group will advance to the final. The remaining two will play intercontinental playoffs to win the tournament.


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Stadium to play

The four best teams in the tournament will qualify directly. However, The fourth-place team will play the next round. The group stages like Group A, Group B, Group E, Groups F will show their performance in Al Bayt stadium, Khalifa International, Al Thumama stadiums, and Ahmed bin Ali stadium. While, Groups C, group D, group G, group H will play in Lusail iconic stadium, stadium 974, education city stadium, Al Janoub stadium,

At the end of March, we will get the 28 best teams among 32 teams, who will join us in the first winter world cup.

In June, we will get to know the final three places of the international playoffs. Plus football lovers could watch the European playoff final that was delayed due to the Ukraine and Russia war.

FIFA world cup 2022 & Qatar world cup 2022 About and Latest Update
FIFA world cup 2022 & Qatar world cup 2022 About and Latest Update

The seeded nations

Yet, Scotland is here with the lowest Ranking seed and Wales too. According to FIFA, there is a chance for their teams through the playoff path. At the time of the draw, they were treated as one entrant and kept in group four as the lowest-ranked country.

Although, the Fifa ranking will determine the seeding of other nations. They are qualified at the time of the draw, due to be published on March 31.


The top pot of seed will feature the highest-ranked sides including Qatar. England is in the fifth Ranking in the world and still, Belgium, France, Brazil, and Argentina are above it. After the playoff between Portugal and Italy, we will get another seed. This means, England might get drawn in the same group as Germany, which is on number 11 Right now.


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Format and schedule of world cup

The organizers take good care of the fitness and strength of the players. They provide them optimal rest between the matches they scheduled. So, every player can show his performance energetically. The world cup 2022 contains 32 teams with eight groups of 4. It is exciting for the fans that they can enjoy 4 matches each day according to the group stage. It will continue over a 12 day period and we will get runners-ups and winners progressing towards the round of 16.

The tournament’s compact nature that no air travel is needed to move between the venue, will optimize the organizers to enhance specific match demands. It is just for the benefit and ease of teams, media, and football lovers as well.

Group Stage: November 21 to December 2.

Round of 16: December 3 to December 6.

Quarterfinal: December 9-10

Semi-final: December 13-14

Final: December 18


When will the matches kick-off?

The organizers will decide the kickoff time through the assignment of the group for each match day. The kick-off of the first two round matches is confirmed and it will be played at 1 pm, 4 pm, 7 pm, 10 pm local time. ( 10pm, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm in UK )

The team will play the final round of group games and knock-out rounds at 6 pm and 10 pm local time. At 3 pm and 7 pm according to the UK clock.

However, after deciding on the paring,

The organizers will provide the audience with a more beneficial kick-off time for the audience. Especially for Qatar fans concerning the stadium allocation.


Wrapping up

So, FIFA world cup 2022 is now here and we can’t even wait for its beginning but for the time being, we just can read the related news and see the list of teams participating in it, and yes, pray for the favorite one and the players individually as well.


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