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European Qualifiers, for FIFA World Cup 2022, Update News

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FIFA World Cup 2022 European qualifiers

The European qualifiers group stage relates to the FIFA world cup 2022 that will end on 16 November 2022. Ten teams include Belgium, Croatia, France, Denmark, England, Germany, Netherlands, and Serbia. Spain and Switzerland have won and saved their position in the world cup qualification. The 2022 FIFA World Cup is going to be held in Qatar, and the European section of the qualifying tournament acts as a qualification tournament.

How did the qualification 2022 process work?

Only UEFA member nations can qualify for the event. There are 13 slots in the final tournament for European teams. Here is the full schedule for the competition. There is a qualification competition for each nation. Aside from the qualifying rounds, other events take place in the world. The ten above-discussed group winners are now directly qualified for the 2022 world cup that will be played from 21 November to 18 December. The playoffs will decide the rest of the remaining berths. The audience will watch the world cup draw on 1 April 2022 in Doha, Qatar.

FIFA affiliated national teams

The competition is open to 55 FIFA-affiliated national teams. A group stage will comprise five groups of five teams or six teams. The group winners will qualify directly for the tournament. The remaining teams will enter a play-off stage, consisting of the group runners-up and the best two Nations League group winners. A rescheduled play-off final will determine the final European place.

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Swiss national team

Switzerland, which won its group, will now go to the finals of the 2022 World Cup in Russia. The match against France was tied at 1-1, and Switzerland’s penalty shootout was decisive. They could be eliminated on penalties, but their performance served as an example for other countries. It is a great achievement to watch the Swiss national team, and we wish them luck for the tournament!

Overall ranking for playoffs in football

The play-offs will determine who will qualify for the World Cup. The group winners of the first round will qualify, and the runners-up of the second round would have a chance to qualify. The remaining teams will play in play-offs based on their overall ranking in the Nations League. After that, the finals are going to be played on 29 March, and the winners of each playoff path will play in the World Cup.

The first round of the 2022 World Cup qualifying

The first round of the 2022 World Cup qualifying matches will be held in July. The top four teams will automatically qualify, while the fifth-place team will make its position in the tournament in June. The top two teams from each group face each other in the playoffs, which they will play in late May or early June. The winner of each group would be part of the finals of the 2022 World Cup.

It consists of 55 FIFA-affiliated national teams with three stages in the tournament: the group stage is made up of five groups of five or six teams. In each group, the winners of each group qualify for the World Cup. The second round consists of the two best runners-up in each group. The organizers decided on the semi-finals for 24 and 29 March 2022.

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FIFA World Cup 2022 European playoffs paths

There are four playoff paths. The best two teams from each group will advance to the next round. The semi-finals will take place on the 26th of May. These games will decide which teams will make it to the final. The semi-finals will be held in May. If a team qualifies for the finals, they will automatically qualify for the World Cup. Once the playoffs are completed, the diehard fans can enjoy the finals in June.

This competition is very competitive and will have several exciting games. You can’t afford to miss any of them. The tournaments are usually over before the finals are held. They are held on March 24, 25, and 29.

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Top teams in the section

The top teams in this section are Portugal, Spain, Portugal, and the host nation Qatar. The top two teams from each group will face each other in the playoffs. The UEFA playoffs are a chance for European countries to qualify for the World Cup. The winning team in each path will go on to the finals. These play-offs are held on March 29, 2022. You can find more details about the groups in the FIFA world cup qualifiers here.

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Playoff finals  

Tuesday 29 March 2022

Path B: Poland 2-0 Sweden

Path C: Portugal 2-0 North Macedonia

Postponed (date TBC)

Path A: Wales vs Scotland / Ukraine

Play-off semi-finals

Thursday 24 March 2022

 Path A: Wales 2-1 Austria

Path B: Sweden 1-0 Czech Republic (aet)

Path C: Italy 0-1 North Macedonia, Portugal 3-1 Turkey

Postponed (date TBC)

Path A: Scotland vs Ukraine


Sunday 14 November

Group A: Luxembourg 0-3 Republic of Ireland, Portugal 1-2 Serbia

Group B: Greece 1-1 Kosovo, Spain 1-0 Sweden

Group H: Croatia 1-0 Russia, Malta 0-6 Slovakia, Slovenia 2-1 Cyprus

Group J: Armenia 1-4 Germany, Liechtenstein 0-2 Romania, North Macedonia 3-1 Iceland

Monday 15 November

Group C: Northern Ireland 0-0 Italy, Switzerland 4-0 Bulgaria

Group F: Austria 4-1 Moldova, Israel 3-2 Faroe Islands, Scotland 2-0 Denmark

Group I: Albania 1-0 Andorra, Poland 1-2 Hungary, San Marino 0-10 England

Tuesday 16 November

Group D: Bosnia and Herzegovina 0-2 Ukraine, Finland 0-2 France

Group E: the Czech Republic 2-0 Estonia, Wales 1-1 Belgium

Group G: Gibraltar 1-3 Latvia, Montenegro 1-2 Turkey, Netherlands 2-0 Norway

Matchday 9

Thursday 11 November

Group A: Azerbaijan 1-3 Luxembourg, Republic of Ireland 0-0 Portugal

Group B: Georgia 2-0 Sweden, Greece 0-1 Spain

Group H: Russia 6-0 Cyprus, Malta 1-7 Croatia, Slovakia 2-2 Slovenia

Group J: Armenia 0-5 North Macedonia, Germany 9-0 Liechtenstein, Romania 0-0 Iceland

Friday 12 November

Group C: Italy 1-1 Switzerland, Northern Ireland 1-0 Lithuania

Group F: Austria 4-2 Israel, Denmark 3-1 Faroe Islands, Moldova 0-2 Scotland

Group I: Andorra 1-4 Poland, England 5-0 Albania, Hungary 4-0 San Marino

Saturday 13 November

Group D: Bosnia and Herzegovina 1-3 Finland, France 8-0 Kazakhstan

Group G: Norway 0-0 Latvia, Turkey 6-0 Gibraltar, Montenegro 2-2 the Netherlands

Group E: Belgium 3-1 Estonia, Wales 5-1 Belarus


Monday 11 October

Group E: Belarus 0-2 Czech Republic, Estonia 0-1 Wales

Group G: Latvia 1-2 Turkey, Netherlands 6-0 Gibraltar, Norway 2-0 Montenegro

Group H: Croatia 2-2 Slovakia, Cyprus 2-2 Malta, Slovenia 1-2 Russia

Group J: Iceland 4-0 Liechtenstein, North Macedonia 0-4 Germany, Romania 1-0 Armenia

Tuesday 12 October

Group A: Portugal 5-0 Luxembourg, Serbia 3-1 Azerbaijan

Group B: Kosovo 1-2 Georgia, Sweden 2-0 Greece

Group C: Bulgaria 2-1 Northern Ireland, Lithuania 0-4 Switzerland

Group D: Kazakhstan 0-2 Finland, Ukraine 1-1 Bosnia and Herzegovina

Group F: Group I: Denmark 1-0 Austria, Faroe Islands 0-1 Scotland, Israel 2-1 Moldova

Group G: Albania 0-1 Poland, England 1-1 Hungary, San Marino 0-3 Andorra


Friday 8 October

Group E: Czech Republic 2-2 Wales, Estonia 2-0 Belarus

Group G: Gibraltar 0-3 Montenegro, Latvia 0-1 Netherlands, Turkey 1-1 Norway

Group H: Cyprus 0-3 Croatia, Malta 0-4 Slovenia, Russia 1-0 Slovakia

Group J: Germany 2-1 Romania, Iceland 1-1 Armenia, Liechtenstein 0-4 North Macedonia

Saturday 9 October

Group A: Azerbaijan 0-3 Republic of Ireland, Luxembourg 0-1 Serbia

Group B: Georgia 0-2 Greece, Sweden 3-0 Kosovo

Group C: Lithuania 3-1 Bulgaria, Switzerland 2-0 Northern Ireland

Group D: Kazakhstan 0-2 Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland 1-2 Ukraine

Group F: Scotland 3-2 Israel, Faroe Islands 0-2 Austria, Moldova 0-4 Denmark

Group I: Andorra 0-5 England, Hungary 0-1 Albania, Poland 5-0 San Marino


Tuesday 7 September

Group A: Azerbaijan 0-3 Portugal, Republic of Ireland 1-1 Serbia

Group D: Bosnia-Herzegovina 2-2 Kazakhstan, France 2-0 Finland

Group F: Austria 0-1 Scotland, Denmark 5-0 Israel, Faroe Islands 2-1 Moldova

Group G: Montenegro 0-0 Latvia, Netherlands 6-1 Turkey, Norway 5-1 Gibraltar

Group H: Croatia 3-0 Slovenia, Russia 2-0 Malta, Slovakia 2-0 Cyprus

Wednesday 8 September

Group B: Greece 2-1 Sweden, Kosovo 0-2 Spain

Group C: Italy 5-0 Lithuania, Northern Ireland 0-0 Switzerland

Group I: Albania 5-0 San Marino, Hungary 2-1 Andorra, Poland 1-1 England

Group J: Armenia 1-1 Liechtenstein, Iceland 0-4 Germany, North Macedonia 0-0 Romania


Saturday 4 September

Group A: the Republic of Ireland 1-1 Azerbaijan, Serbia 4-1 Luxembourg

Group D: Finland 1-0 Kazakhstan, Ukraine 1-1 France

Group F: the Faroe Islands 0-1 Denmark, Israel 5-2 Austria, Scotland 1-0 Moldova

Group G: Latvia 0-2 Norway, Gibraltar 0-3 Turkey, Netherlands 4-0 Montenegro

Group H: Cyprus 0-2 Russia, Slovenia 1-0 Malta, Slovakia 0-1 Croatia

Sunday 5 September

Group B: Kosovo 1-1 Greece, Spain 4-0 Georgia

Group C: Bulgaria 1-0 Lithuania, Switzerland 0-0 Italy

Group E: Belarus 2-3 Wales, Belgium 3-0 Czech Republic

Group I: Albania 1-0 Hungary, England 4-0 Andorra, San Marino 1-7 Poland

Group J: Iceland 2-2 North Macedonia, Germany 6-0 Armenia, Romania 2-0 Liechtenstein


Wednesday 1 September

Group A: Luxembourg 2-1 Azerbaijan, Portugal 2-1 Republic of Ireland

Group D: Kazakhstan 2-2 Ukraine, France 1-1 Bosnia and Herzegovina

Group F: Denmark 2-0 Scotland, Faroe Islands 0-4 Israel, Moldova 0-2 Austria

Group G: Latvia 3-1 Gibraltar, Norway 1-1 Netherlands, Turkey 2-2 Montenegro

Group H: Malta 3-0 Cyprus, Russia 0-0 Croatia, Slovenia 1-1 Slovakia

Thursday 2 September

Group B: Georgia 0-1 Kosovo, Sweden 2-1 Spain

Group C: Italy 1-1 Bulgaria, Lithuania 1-4 Northern Ireland

Group E: the Czech Republic 1-0 Belarus, Estonia 2-5 Belgium

Group I: Andorra 2-0 San Marino, Hungary 0-4 England, Poland 4-1 Albania

Group J: Iceland 0-2 Romania, Liechtenstein 0-2 Germany, North Macedonia 0-0 Armenia


Wednesday 31 March

Group B: Greece 1-1 Georgia, Spain 3-1 Kosovo

Group C: Lithuania 0-2 Italy, Northern Ireland 0-0 Bulgaria

Group D: Bosnia and Herzegovina 0-1 France, Ukraine 1-1 Kazakhstan

Group F: Austria 0-4 Denmark, Moldova 1-4 Israel, Scotland 4-0 Faroe Islands

Group I: Andorra 1-4 Hungary, England 2-1 Poland, San Marino 0-2 Albania

Group J: Armenia 3-2 Romania, Germany 1-2 North Macedonia, Liechtenstein 1-4 Iceland

Tuesday 30 March

Group A: Azerbaijan 1-2 Serbia, Luxembourg 1-3 Portugal

Group E: Belgium 8-0 Belarus, Wales 1-0 Czech Republic

Group G: Gibraltar 0-7 Netherlands, Montenegro 0-1 Norway, Turkey 3-3 Latvia

Group H: Croatia 3-0 Malta, Cyprus 1-0 Slovenia, Slovakia 2-1 Russia


Sunday 28 March

Group B: Georgia 1-2 Spain, Kosovo 0-3 Sweden

Group C: Bulgaria 0-2 Italy, Switzerland 1-0 Lithuania

Group D: Kazakhstan 0-2 France, Ukraine 1-1 Finland

Group F: Denmark 8-0 Moldova, Austria 3-1 Faroe Islands, Israel 1-1 Scotland

Group I: Albania 0-2 England, Poland 3-0 Andorra, San Marino 0-3 Hungary

Group J: Armenia 2-0 Iceland, North Macedonia 5-0 Liechtenstein, Romania 0-1 Germany

Saturday 27 March

Group A: Republic of Ireland 0-1 Luxembourg, Serbia 2-2 Portugal

Group E: Belarus 4-2 Estonia, Czech Republic 1-1 Belgium

Group G: Montenegro 4-1 Gibraltar, Norway 0-3 Turkey, Netherlands 2-0 Latvia

Group H: Russia 2-1 Slovenia, Croatia 1-0 Cyprus, Slovakia 2-2 Malta


Thursday 25 March

Group B: Spain 1-1 Greece, Sweden 1-0 Georgia

Group C: Bulgaria 1-3 Switzerland, Italy 2-0 Northern Ireland

Group F: Israel 0-2 Denmark, Moldova 1-1 Faroe Islands, Scotland 2-2 Austria

Group I: Andorra 0-1 Albania, England 5-0 San Marino, Hungary 3-3 Poland

Group J: Germany 3-0 Iceland, Liechtenstein 0-1 Armenia, Romania 3-2 North Macedonia

Wednesday 24 March

Group A: Portugal 1-0 Azerbaijan, Serbia 3-2 Republic of Ireland

Group D: Finland 2-2 Bosnia and Herzegovina, France 1-1 Ukraine

Group E: Belgium 3-1 Wales, Estonia 2-6 Czech Republic

Group G: Gibraltar 0-3 Norway, Latvia 1-2 Montenegro, Turkey 4-2 the Netherlands

Group H: Cyprus 0-0 Slovakia, Malta 1-3 Russia, Slovenia 1-0 Croatia



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