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What Changed? Axis Bank Devalues 5 Credit Cards

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Axis Bank Devalues 5 Credit Cards | 5 Axis Bank Credit Cards Devalued Ahoy! Are you privy to the latest news? Axis Bank went ahead and shook up the credit card realm. They didn’t just alter one card, oh no, but a whopping five of ’em! Check this list out:

  • Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card: Had its glory days.
  • Axis Bank Reserve Credit Card: Used to be a big shot.
  • Axis Bank Select Credit Card: Remember the old version? Sigh.
  • Axis Bank My Zone Credit Card: Boy, what a turn!
  • Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card: Big changes here too.

Right, here’s the deal. The exact tweaks differ for each card, but if we’re painting with broad strokes, you’re looking at slashed rewards rates, higher yearly fees, stickier spending rules, and, in some cases, a good old snip-snip to the benefits. Harsh, right?

And here’s the kicker: Axis Bank has maintained radio silence. No word on why. But if you ask me? It’s probably due to those pesky rising costs and the need to outwit their rivals.

A quick heads-up to you credit cardholders out there: it’s time to don your detective hats and dive deep into those new terms. Are these cards still a good fit? If your gut (or careful analysis) says no, maybe it’s time to play the field.

If you’re thinking of jumping ship, here’s a mini crash-course for you

  • First, think hard about your moolah habits. Are you after air miles, cashback, or discounts at your fav café?
  • Side-by-side those cards! Annual fees, interest rates, the whole shebang.
  • Always shop at Macy’s? Make sure your new card’s welcome there.
  • And of course, swat up on the nitty-gritty before making the leap.

Remember! Should you grab a new piece of plastic, bid adieu to the old one. No point in dishing out fees for a card gathering dust, eh? Keep it smart, folks!

Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card

Hold onto your hats, folks! Fancy a card that’s, well, privileged? Enter the Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card. Ready for the lowdown?

For every buck (or rather, Rs. 100) you throw around with this card, you get a straight-up 2% back. Well, not in cash, but in the swanky EDGE REWARD Points. And you’re thinking, “What’s the catch?”

No catch. Spend on anything that tickles your fancy, and bam, 2 EDGE REWARD Points are yours.

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Fancy exchanging those points? Here’s the fun part

  • Got a shopping itch? Swap ’em for multi-brand vouchers.
  • Wanderlust kicking in? Book those flights.
  • Feeling posh? How about hotel stays?
  • Tech junkie? Get yourself some electronics.
  • Or just go vanilla with gift cards.
What Changed? Axis Bank Devalues 5 Credit Cards
What Changed? Axis Bank Devalues 5 Credit Cards

Hold on! That ain’t all. The Axis Bank Privilege Card is like that Swiss knife you never knew you needed. Lounge access? Check. Fuel surcharge? Gone! Hungry? Dining discounts galore. And oh, you get insurance coverage too. Talk about covering all bases.
Little heads-up: there’s an annual fee of Rs. 1,500. But hey, if you’re an Axis Priority Banking customer, they’ve got you. No fees for you!

So, in a nutshell

2% EDGE REWARD Points. No questions.

  • Rewards? You name it.
  • Extras? Lounge, fuel perks, dining deals, and insurance.
  • Rs. 1,500 per year. But hey, some folks get a pass.

Alright, decision time! If you’re the kinda person who likes it flat and simple, this card’s a no-brainer. High spending, consistent rewards, and those extra cherries on top. But remember, there’s a whole world of cards out there. Do a lil’ dance, compare them, see what jives with you. Whether you’re a spender, saver, or somewhere in between, make sure it’s a match!

Axis Bank Reserve Credit Card

Alright, team, lean in close! For those with a penchant for the finer things, I’ve got a hot tip. Cue the fanfare… Behold the Axis Bank Reserve Credit Card! Think of it as the first-class seat in the world of plastics, the jewel in the crown.
The Entry Ticket: A sum of Rs. 50,000 yearly. Pricey? Maybe. But the perks might just woo you.

Lounge Lovin’:

Picture yourself, feet up, indulging in gourmet bites. Whether you’re jet-setting domestically or internationally, Priority Pass means lounges are your personal haven.

Travel in Style:

Forget regular cabs. How does a posh chauffeured ride to the airport sound? Four times a year! Plus, exclusive memberships beckon: Accor Plus, Club Marriott Asia Pacific, and EazyDiner Prime. Talk about elite!


For those who swing clubs with style, a bonanza awaits. Get access to 50 of India’s premier golf courses, on the house.

Reward Rain:

Every Rs. 200 spent showers you with 15 EDGE REWARD Points. And for those cross-border escapades? Double the fun. Begin your journey with an enticing 50,000 Reward points and rekindle the joy every renewal.


  • Glide through overseas transactions.
  • Cash needs? ATMs won’t pinch a penny.
  • Fuel surcharges? Consider them history.
  • Delight in reduced APR for your spends.
  • Paying rent? Forget those sneaky fees.
  • Foreign transactions made buttery smooth with the DCC Markup waiver.
  • And for your nearest and dearest? Priority Pass extends its royal touch, ensuring they too bask in luxury.

Now, let’s get real. The Axis Bank Reserve Credit Card? It’s a shimmering gem crafted for those with hefty bank balances, an insatiable wanderlust, and a flair for golf.

What Changed? Axis Bank Devalues 5 Credit Cards
What Changed? Axis Bank Devalues 5 Credit Cards
The Big Question:

Is this card your soulmate? If your pockets run deep, skies are your second home, and golf courses your playground, this card might just be your match. But, that Rs. 50,000 entry fee? Make sure the luxe life it unlocks is worth every penny. And if cozy movie nights sound more enticing, perhaps another card, sans the weighty fee, would be a better fit. Choose smart, live grand!

Axis Bank Select Credit Card

Ladies and gents, lend me your ears! If lavish living and swanky rewards make your heart skip a beat, I’ve got a tantalizing tidbit for you. Step into the spotlight, the Axis Bank Select Credit Card – your golden ticket to a world of elegance and extravagance.

The Deets

Rewards? Loads! Every time you part with Rs. 200, 10 EDGE REWARD Points come your way. And oh, for retail therapy? Double the points, double the fun!

First Impressions:

As a warm hello, newbies get a chic Rs. 2,000 voucher plus a juicy 10,000 Axis eDGE reward points on their inaugural swipe.

Jetsetter Joys:

Your first year gifts you with a complimentary Priority Pass membership. Six international lounge visits are on the house each year, with an added sprinkle of two cozy domestic lounge stops every quarter.

Life’s Luxuries:

Snag exclusive deals with biggies like Amazon, BigBasket, Swiggy, and BookMyShow. Because why not?

Peace of Mind:

Safeguard your purchases, bid adieu to lost baggage stress, fly with a safety net, and never fret over misplaced travel documents.

Pocket Pinch:

A fee of Rs. 1,500 a year. But guess what? The first year’s on them! All summed up, the Axis Bank Select Credit Card is your trusty companion for those who thrive on lavish experiences, especially the jet-setters and the shopaholics.

The Million-Dollar Question:

Is this your ultimate card? If perks, travels, discounts, and insurances sound like your jam, this card’s crooning your tune. But don’t jump in blindfolded. Scout around, weigh the perks of other lifestyle cards, and ensure it aligns with your splurges and indulgences. Because, at the end of the day, your card should work for you, not the other way round!

Axis Bank My Zone Credit Card

Hey, peeps! If you’re looking to dip your toes in the credit card universe or are seeking something that’s easy on the pocket, then you’re in for a treat. Say hello to the Axis Bank My Zone Credit Card – your trusty sidekick for all things splendid without breaking the bank.

Quick Rundown

Rewards Galore:

For every Rs. 200 you spend, you get a sweet 4 EDGE REWARD Points. Not too shabby, right?

Warm Welcome:

As a newbie, enjoy a nifty Rs. 500 voucher and bag a solid 5,000 Axis eDGE reward points with your first swipe. Start with a bang!

Drive & Save:

Fuelling up? Enjoy a 1% fuel surcharge waiver for transactions ranging between Rs. 400 and Rs. 4,000. Vroom vroom!

Foodie Fiesta:

Love dining out? Nab a cool 15% off at partner restaurants through the ‘Dining Delights’ program via EazyDiner. And yes, you can bask in this deal twice a month for spends of Rs. 1,500 or more.

Binge Mode On:

Complimentary annual membership to SonyLiv? It’s a big yes! Your movie nights and binge sessions just got better.

The Price Tag:

A super-affordable annual fee of Rs. 500.
In a nutshell, the Axis Bank My Zone Credit Card is tailor-made for those starting their credit card journey or those scouting for an easy-on-the-wallet card loaded with perks. It’s a gem for the dining enthusiasts and the streaming aficionados.

So, the Big Question:

Is the Axis Bank My Zone Credit Card your match?
If you’re fresh to the credit card game or seeking a budget-friendly card loaded with rewards, dining discounts, and OTT perks, this card might just be singing your song. But don’t rush! Shop around, see what other starter cards offer, and align your pick with your lifestyle. Make sure your card matches your rhythm and doesn’t miss a beat!

Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card

Step right up, shopaholics and deal-seekers! If the thrill of online shopping, especially on Flipkart, makes your day, then I’ve got the perfect card just for you. Allow me to introduce the Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card, a tantalizing mix of perks, rewards, and oh-so-much more.

Here’s the Scoop

Reward Bonanza:

Bag a whopping 5% cashback when you splurge on Flipkart*. Plus, with preferred partners like Swiggy, Uber, PVR, Curefit, Cleartrip, Tata Sky, and Tata 1MG, you rake in 4% cashback. For everything else? A neat 1.5% cashback.

Kickstart with a Bang:

Dive in with a Flipkart Gift voucher worth Rs. 500. Just make your first purchase anywhere, and it’s all yours.

Lounge Lovers, Rejoice:

Relax in style with 4 complimentary domestic lounge visits every calendar year.

Drive & Save:

Fueling up just got better! Get that 1% fuel surcharge off your bill, and save up to Rs. 500 monthly.

Let’s Talk Money:

There’s a yearly charge of Rs. 500. But hey, they’re giving you a free pass in the first year!
All things considered, the Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card is a dream come true for the loyal Flipkart shopper or if you often engage with the partner brands. Plus, those little added perks like lounge access and fuel savings? Just the cherry on top.

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The Million Dollar Question:

Is the Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card the one?
If Flipkart is your go-to, or if you’re best buddies with their partner brands, this card might just be your shopping soulmate. Those rewards, the lounging benefits, the fuel savings, it’s a tempting package. But always do your homework! Check out other co-branded cards, weigh the benefits, and ensure it vibes with your spending style. Here’s to smart shopping and even smarter saving!

Reduced rewards rates

Listen up, budget masters and rewards junkies! If your Axis Bank credit card has been your trusty sidekick for raking in rewards, brace yourselves; the game’s changing. Here’s your briefing on what’s up.

Cards Facing the Music

  • Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card
  • Axis Bank Reserve Credit Card
  • Axis Bank Select Credit Card
  • Axis Bank My Zone Credit Card
  • Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card

The Shake-Up

The rewards rates? Say goodbye to the old rates; they’ve taken a hit on all eligible spends.

If travel and dining were your sweet spots, brace for impact; those rewards rates are on the decline.

And there’s more – your wallet will feel the pinch a bit more to earn those prized rewards. Minimum spending benchmarks have inched up.

But why these changes? Axis Bank’s playing their cards close to their chest. However, the grapevine hints at rising operational expenses and the heated card marketplace.

Feeling the Heat? Here’s Your Game Plan: If you’re rocking one of these cards, it’s strategy time. Scrutinize the revised terms, and gauge if this card still fits your financial dance.

Considering a switch? Navigate the card labyrinth with these pointers

Research is Your Bestie:

The credit card world is vast. Pinpoint the best rewards deal by cross-referencing cards.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall:

Recognize where your money goes. Die-hard food lover? A card that champions dining could be your ticket.

Tiny Print, Big Impact:

Don’t just gloss over the terms. Unravel the nitty-gritty to sidestep future hiccups.

Other Factors in the Mix:

Annual Dues: They vary. Ponder whether the card’s charm outshines the yearly charge.

Interest Play:

Occasionally rolling over balances? Keep a keen eye on those rates. The lower, the better.

Added Frills:

Some cards go the extra mile, serving up perks like insurances or extended protection. Sweet deal!

Endgame? Hunt down the card that echoes your life’s beat and financial tempo. Gear up for informed choices and savvy swipes!

Increased annual fees

Heads up, credit card enthusiasts and Axis Bank loyalists! Those numbers on your annual fee line item might be going up. Let’s dive into what’s been cooking and how it impacts you.

Cards in the Limelight

  • Axis Bank Reserve Credit Card
  • Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card
What’s Triggering the Surge?:

While Axis Bank hasn’t handed us a clear-cut answer sheet, industry buzz points to rising operational expenses and the ever-intense competition in the card market. But let’s spill some tea: Axis isn’t alone on this front. Several credit card giants have bumped up their annual fees to keep the balance sheets pretty.

Feeling the Pinch? Your Next Steps:

If your card’s name popped up above, it’s due diligence time. Delve into the updated terms to gauge if this relationship still sparks joy.

Considering a change? Here’s your roadmap to a wallet-friendly card:
Shop Around: With a galaxy of cards out there, juxtapose the annual fees to spot the best deal.

Know Thyself: Reflect on where your cash flows. Adore travel or shopping? Hunt for a card that vibes with your passions.

Be a Detective: Go beyond the glossy headlines. Dig deep into the fine print to unveil what truly lies beneath.

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Other Nuggets to Chew On

Rewards Redemption:

Some cards come with juicy rewards that can potentially counterbalance the annual fee sting. Explore!

Interest Intricacies:

If you’re in the habit of rolling balances, keep a hawk’s eye on the APR. Lower interest can be your wallet’s best friend.

Sprinkled Perks:

Some cards dazzle with fringe benefits like travel insurance or extended warranties. Do they charm you?

End of the day, it’s about netting a card that jives with your spending personality and fiscal vibe. Navigate the credit card seas smartly, and here’s to fruitful financial sailing!

More restrictive spending requirements

Attention credit card aficionados! If you’ve got the Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card or the Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card nestled in your wallet, brace yourself for some tweaks. The spending scene is shifting, and here’s what you need to know.

Card Chronicles

  • Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card
  • Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card
Behind the Curtains:

Why the shift in spending requirements? It’s likely a cocktail of rising expenses and the high-octane competition in the card world. But, guess what? Axis Bank isn’t the solo player making these maneuvers. The credit card arena is seeing multiple big players tightening their belts to keep their margins intact.

Is Your Card Play Affected? Steps Forward:

Sporting one of these cards? Dive deep into the rejigged terms to see if they still sync with your spend game.

Mulling over a switch? Here’s your game plan to find a flexible spender

Market Recon:

Get in the reconnaissance mode. Evaluate the spending prerequisites across a variety of cards.

Lifestyle Audit:

Analyze your typical spending patterns. Do you splurge on travel, or is dining your thing? Opt for a card that grooves with your spend style.

Sherlock Time:

Don that detective cap. Probe into the fine print to unearth every nook and cranny of the card’s conditions, especially the spend clauses.

More Grains to Ponder

Reward Dynamics:

Some cards charm with stellar rewards that can nullify the effect of pesky spend barriers. Is yours one of them?

Interest Insights:

If you’re known to juggle balances, the APR can be your arch-nemesis or ally. The lower, the happier your wallet.

The Perk Parade: Check if your card showers you with cherries on top – be it travel cover, purchase protection, or those alluring extended warranties.

Still iffy about meeting these uptight spending benchmarks? Perhaps, it’s time to flirt with the idea of a secured credit card. These babies need a deposit, which usually mirrors your credit limit. They’re stellar for credit-building, especially if you’re battling with bad credit or starting from scratch. Once you’re on the credit high road, transitioning to a no-strings-attached unsecured card could be a breeze.

Whichever path you choose, ensure it resonates with your financial pulse. Swipe smartly and spend wisely!

Reduced or eliminated benefits

Alright, card warriors! If you’ve been flashing your Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card or the Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card with pride, there’s some reshuffling happening that you should be in the know about.

Cards Getting a Makeover

  • Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card
  • Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card

Tweaks to Watch Out For

Lounging in style? Well, your lounge access may have been downscaled or poofed into thin air.Fuel surcharge waiver? It might have dwindled or bid adieu. Fond of those dining discounts? They might have taken a hit.
Leaning on that insurance cover? Check again, it might have shrunk or vanished.

Behind the Why:

Though Axis Bank’s keeping mum about the why’s and how’s, industry whispers hint at the tough combo of climbing expenses and the dog-eat-dog world of credit card competition.

Cardholders, Your Action Plan: If your card’s features are getting a haircut, time for some card TLC. Pore over the new terms, and if they don’t resonate, perhaps it’s time for a card switcheroo.

What Changed? Axis Bank Devalues 5 Credit Cards
What Changed? Axis Bank Devalues 5 Credit Cards

Card Shopping Tips

Research, Research, Research: Put different cards under the microscope. Evaluate the perks.

Lifestyle Check:

What perks make your heart sing? Align your card choice with those preferences.

Sherlock Time: Delve into the fine print. Know your card inside out.

More Factors to Mull Over

Rewards Galore:

Some cards, with their rewards buffet, can easily overshadow the annual fee. Does yours?

Interest Rate Intel:

If balances are your thing, the APR needs a thorough glance.

Added Frills:

Extra perks like travel insurance, purchase safeguards, and extended warranties can sway your decision.

If the new look of your card’s making you frown, maybe a fresh card’s in order. The marketplace brims with options, from lounge accesses to delightful dining deals and comprehensive coverage

Thinking of a Card Switch

Compare to Care: Size up potential cards.

Eligibility First:

Before diving in, ensure you tick all boxes for your new card choice.

Spend Style Sync:

Your spending patterns should jive with your new card’s offerings.

Dive Deep:

The tiny print can house big details. Understand the annual fee, interest ins, and outs, and other vitalities.

And if a breakup’s on the horizon, ring up your credit card company to snip ties. But remember, card cancellations can give your credit score a tiny jolt. Stay diligent with your new card, and your credit health should bounce back.

Whatever the card saga, stay informed, and make choices that fit your financial fabric!

Here are some tips for choosing a new credit card

Consider your spending habits and what type of rewards are most valuable to you.
Attention, shoppers and travel enthusiasts! Choosing a credit card can feel like picking candy in a vast store, thanks to the plethora of options that promise enticing rewards, cash backs, and travel advantages. However, making a wise choice requires a deep dive into understanding what suits you best. Here’s a roadmap to guide you.

Your Spending Profile:

Your spending habits can help you determine the card that’s right for you.

Jetsetter Joys:

For those who consider airports a second home, cards offering miles, hotel stays, and car rental rewards are ideal.

Grocery Gurus:

Frequent grocery shoppers might want cards that provide cashbacks or rewards for every purchase.

Dining Divas and Dudes:

If dining out is your joy, pick cards that offer lucrative dining rewards.

The Annual Fee Factor:

Remember, the best benefits might come with a price. Evaluate if the card’s rewards justify its annual fee.

Interest Rates:

This is critical if you plan to maintain a balance. The APR (Annual Percentage Rate) indicates the interest you’d be charged. Aim for a lower APR to reduce financial strain.

in the Details:

Before finalizing, always review the card’s terms thoroughly. Understand the reward structures, any hidden fees, and the overall benefits.

Some Pro Tips


Dive into the vast sea of credit card options before making a choice.


Recognize where most of your expenses go. This will guide your card choice.

Be Detail-Oriented:

Always review the card’s terms and conditions.

Extra Perks

Added Benefits:

Some cards come packed with added advantages like travel insurance or purchase protection.

Weigh the Annual Fee:

Ensure the benefits offered by the card eclipse the annual fee.

In essence, a credit card isn’t merely a transaction tool. It mirrors your lifestyle and financial decisions. Whether you love shopping, traveling, or fine dining, the right card is out there. Choose smartly and make it count!

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