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She Sent Her Brother to Spý on The Président Movie

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She Sent Her Brother to Spý on The Président 2022 Movie Story review

The first South Korean movie She Sent Her Brother to Spý on The Président to be released by The Walt Disney Company is called “My Little Brother.” I’m going to review it today, so stay tuned. The film is about the Oh siblings and how they have to deal with things in life. This is because they’ve been too busy with their own lives to talk to each other. Siblings have to come together at their father’s funeral. There, they learn that their parents had another child, and they have to come back together.

The question here is, who should take care of the child? Let’s find out. The story begins with a day in the lives of each of the Oh siblings.Sung, the eldest brother, works as a bus driver. Soo, the first daughter, is a news reporter at one of the biggest TV stations. Joo, the youngest daughter, has several different part-time jobs.

Occupied with their own business, all three siblings receive a phone call and are notified of their father’s sudden death. They act cold and distant at the funeral, and it’s clear that they don’t like each other. Sung and Soo have just lost their father, but they don’t seem sad.

Isn’t it weird that there isn’t a picture in that frame that was supposed to be filled with a picture of their dead father? The two even want to speed up the funeral process. The next day, the siblings and Sung’s wife find a weeping little boy who is in the middle of installing their father’s picture.

Best South Korean Movie 2022 of She Sent Her Brother to Spý on The Président

Joo asks if the boy was Sung’s son, and Sung’s wife casually answers that their children are twin girls. After all the confusion, the boy recognizes Soo and rushes over to hug her. After checking the official family register certificate, to everyone’s surprise, the boy turns out to be the youngest son of the Oh family named Nak.

The family starts arguing about who should take care of Nak. They eventually agree that Nak should be sent to an orphanage. Nak who overhears the conversation feels dejected because no one is willing to take him in. After Nak sneaks into Soo’s car, Soo almost gets into a car accident.

Soo tries to contact Sung but to no avail and she is left with no choice but to bring Nak to her place. Upon arriving at Soo’s apartment, Nak hands her a DVD that Soo tosses to the side. That night, Nak dreams of his last memory with his father. Nak and his father, who lived in the countryside, took a bus to Seoul to fulfil Nak’s wish of meeting his siblings and taking a family portrait. However, the bus crashed, and his father was killed.

Morning comes, and Soo continues treating Nak coldly. Before heading to work, she warns Nak to not cross a line she has previously put up as a partition. The scene moves to Joo, who just ruined her audition. Soo calls Joo to ask for Sung and his wife’s info but Joo claims that she has none. The two make a deal with Soo paying for Joo’s card bills in exchange for their brother’s info.

South Korean She Sent Her Brother to Spý on The Président 2022 Movie Story

Joo gets to work immediately, and contacts Sung. She explains to Sung that she will remain tight-lipped as long as Sung gives her money. Their call ends abruptly as Sung spots a man and begins chasing him down. Because of his good nature and naivety, Sung gets scammed over and over again. His wife often criticizes him because of this.

Soo, on the other hand, is angry with her editor because he wouldn’t let her report on a dirty politician. She starts to think that her boss is also corrupt. Instead of thanking Nak, Soo expresses annoyance and tells Nak to not touch her things. Then, Sung enters the scene and tells Soo that he is willing to take care of Nak.

So Nak leaves with Sung. Unbeknownst to Soo, Sung has no intention of raising Nak. The man who scammed Sung has previously told him that Sung can exploit the whole situation and receive compensation. Sung plans to bring Nak to a hospital to see a physician and have Nak act like he is mentally unstable after the bus incident.

The physician sees through their plan due to Nak and Sung’s terrible acting. After the plan falls through, Sung and Nak go to a public bathhouse. There, Nak showcases his unique ability in reading astrology. He says that Sung has gone through many troubles and that only happiness lies ahead in his life. Sung feels touched by Nak’s kindness and guilt washes over him.

She Sent Her Brother to Spý on The Président 2022 Movie Story Full review

Sung later brings Nak back to Soo’s apartment. The following day, Nak tags along to Soo’s office. Soo strictly tells him to stay at the office’s library and if she catches him leaving the library, she will send him off to an orphanage. However, Nak does not heed his sister’s warning and walks around the building. He meets a child actress named Byul, the daughter of the president of the TV Station where Soo works.

The two wander around and somehow end up at Byul’s father, the president’s office. Hiding under the table, Nak overhears the president talking to a politician over the phone. When Nak manages to sneak out of the room, Soo catches him red-handed. Nak tells Soo everything that he has heard.

This gives Soo an idea to employ Nak into her scheme of collecting more information on the relationship between the president and the politician. Without further ado, Soo and Nak carry out the mission. They approach the president and his family in hopes to get invited to their house.

To ensure the smoothness of their strategy, Soo purchases recording devices and even buys Nak new clothes and toys that Byul likes so the kids can have a playdate together. The night before the action, Nak expresses his long-time wish, which is to have a family portrait, and Soo agrees under the condition that he performs his task without a hitch.

She Sent Her Brother to Spý on The Président 2022 Movie full Story

Although they are prepared, Soo and Nak come across a technical snag. Nak slips the recording device under the president’s study room’s door by accident. Since the room is locked, Soo has to barge into it by force in order to retrieve it. Soo’s attempt creates a ruckus and everyone’s attention, so Soo pretends to be unconscious whilst hiding the device in her mouth.

Nak who is clueless about his sister’s ploy dumps a bowl of water at her. Even though the president does not catch on to their ruse, Soo is furious at Nak for ruining her plan. The next day, Soo asks Joo to come and leaves Nak with her since Soo no longer wants anything to do with him. Though Joo is struggling financially, she tries her best to look after Nak.

Nak also helps with some of Joo’s work.They talk and Nak tells her how he messed up Soo’s plan, and Joo tells him how she wanted to give their parents happiness, especially their late mother who was deaf. Here, Nak finds out that Joo is good at sign language. Soon after, Nak asks Joo to help him fix his problem with Soo, but Joo refuses to help.

Nak then decides to go by himself and get the recording Soo wants. He leaves without telling his siblings and while all his siblings search for his whereabouts, Nak stealthily hides in the president’s car. At some point, the Oh siblings spot him riding in the president’s car, so they tail the car up close.

South Korean movie She Sent Her Brother to Spý on The Président

Nak’s cover is blown when the car suddenly stops, allowing him to fall forward after recording the president’s devious exchange with the politician. After realizing that his dirty secret might get out, the president locks the car’s door and drives off. Sensing that their youngest brother is in trouble, all Oh siblings go after the president’s car.

The president keeps driving and finally stops at a rather secluded area. He forcefully pulls Nak out of the car and attempts to snatch the recording device. Soo comes short after but the president gets the upper hand and manages to wreck the device by stomping on it. As the president tries to hit Soo, Sung who just arrive at the scene immediately strikes a punch at the president.

She Sent Her Brother to Spý on The Président 2022 original film

He throws the president to the ground, and before the two get into a brawl, Soo stops them. The president smugly tells Soo that her career as a reporter has come to an end and flees. Soo vents out to her siblings and leaves Nak feeling even guiltier. Soo loses her job, and that evening, all four siblings gather at Soo’s house.

Without them realizing, Nak’s sudden appearance in their lives has brought them back together. Joo finally tells the other two about Nak’s birth story, and they discuss sending Nak over to an orphanage due to financial problems. Nak, whom his siblings thought is sleeping, overhears their conversation and cries in silence.

She Sent Her Brother to Spý on The Président Story 2022

The next morning, Sung drives Nak to the orphanage while Soo sits in her living room. She suddenly remembers about the DVD Nak gave to her when he first came to her place. She watches the DVD and finds a video of her mother at the hospital with baby Nak. Soo’s mother explains in sign language, apologizes to Soo for being a selfish parent, and further asks her to take care of their baby brother.

Soo gets a change of mind, even more, when she discovers her and her siblings’ pictures in Nak’s smartwatch. There, she also finds a recording file of the manager speaking to the politician in the car. The scene changes to Soo who is on her way to pick up Nak, but Nak has gone missing. Soo notifies Sung and Joo, and they all file a missing person report at the police station.

Soon after, someone calls and alerts them about Nak. It turns out that Nak has gone back to their hometown. By the time his siblings find him, he is crying his heart out in front of their parents’ grave. Sung, Soo, and Joo apologise to Nak for mistreating him.

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As the siblings make up for lost time, Soo’s career takes up a notch after she successfully exposed the dirty business between her manager and the politician. Joo finds a job as a sign language interpreter at a TV station. At the end of the film, The Oh family fulfils Nak’s lifelong wish, taking a family portrait.

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