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Is Huawei certification useful?

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A friend has always told me that his monthly salary in the city where he lives is about 5000 yuan, and now he wants to know whether his salary can be increased to 6000 yuan or 7000 yuan if he passes the Huawei certification. That is, he hopes that the Huawei certification can directly improve his salary. So is the Huawei certification useful to him?

First, first of all, his job is to engage in system integration, that is, to work as a network engineer.

If your job is to work as a network engineer or do system integration, you should be able to see a large number of customers’ equipment in your work. Almost all of them should be Huawei or Huawei equipment, and the proportion should be very large. I think you must admit this first. For greener, who has not yet entered the industry, we have to tell him that Huawei’s equipment ranks first in the market share in China, and many people know that Huawei is very famous even if they have not worked in the computer and communication industry, because ordinary people may only contact Huawei’s mobile phones.

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Second, if you have a job, you know that the salary is related to your technical expertise, your irreplaceable position and many soft related matters. That is to say, I don’t think anyone will make a commitment to you. If you take the Huawei certification, your salary will rise by 2000 yuan to 6000 yuan or 7000 yuan immediately.

Huawei certification
Huawei certification

I don’t think anyone will make such a commitment to you. But now that you have worked, I believe you can know that when the boss is recruiting a person, in addition to his work skills and education, his ability to deal with customers, his attitude towards work, and his technical expertise, because if you are a professional technical engineer, your technology itself may account for more than 80% of your job.

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So the boss is recruiting technical staff when recruiting people, First of all, 80% depends on the person’s technical level. The standard for assessing your technical level in this industry is not what Huawei certification can meet. Therefore, Huawei certification can probably help you develop in this industry for a long time in the future, and your salary will gradually increase. However, how long it takes to reach your expected salary, you have to work hard. As long as your work ability is recognized and your work is done well, your superiors will surely see it.

Third, Huawei certification is very helpful for future career development.

As the saying goes, a lot of skills do not weigh you down, and a lot of certificates do no harm. If you want to develop in the network industry for a long time, the certificate of network technology can directly prove that you have the ability in this field. With the accumulation of work experience, it will be of great help to your career development. At present, there are many Huawei devices in China, so Huawei certification is generally recognized, with high gold content. spotodumps com

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