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TNEB Health Insurance Comprehensive Coverage & Benefits

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Sure! When people hear “TNEB,” the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board instantly pops into mind. A huge perk they offer their staff? Health insurance. Not just any insurance, though. It’s managed by the reputable United India Insurance Company Limited.

TNEB Health Insurance

Let’s say illness strikes. With TNEB Health Insurance, the stress of finances is drastically reduced. Whether it’s just a simple check-up or a major surgical procedure, it’s got you covered. Fancy techy stuff like X-rays or MRIs? Included.

The standard deal is coverage up to Rs. 5 lakhs for the family, spread over four years. But there’s a silver lining: for severe conditions like cancer or heart diseases, they boost the coverage to a whopping Rs. 10 lakhs.

Let’s break down the benefits


Need to stay in a hospital? From the room you sleep in, the food you eat, to the professionals who operate – it’s all accounted for.

Medications & Tests:

Whether you’re given medicine to swallow or tests to figure out what’s wrong, you don’t have to worry about the bills.

Out-Patient Services:

This isn’t just an in-patient deal. Regular doctor visits, medications, and diagnostic tests outside of hospital stays are covered.

But who qualifies? Only full-time TNEB employees or those from its affiliated entities. Plus, their immediate families: spouses, children, and dependent parents.

Concerned about the costs? The premiums are split evenly between the employee and TNEB, deducted straight from the monthly salary.

For those who think ahead and wonder, “What if I fall ill?” If you’re close to a network hospital (those partnered with United India Insurance), it’s all straightforward. Go in, get treated, and be on your way, sans the payment hassles. If the hospital isn’t in the network, fret not. Pay, keep the receipts, and claim it back. A pro-tip? File those claims within 15 days of discharge.

TNEB Health Insurance Comprehensive Coverage & Benefits
TNEB Health Insurance Comprehensive Coverage & Benefits

So, the big question: Why opt for TNEB Health Insurance?

Holistic Coverage: From staying in the hospital to consulting a doctor outside, everything’s covered.

Generous Limit:

Rs. 5 lakhs for most situations, and up to Rs. 10 lakhs for major conditions.

Cashless Convenience:

With network hospitals, there’s no payment hassle.

Economical Premiums: Affordably priced, and the cost is shared.

In essence, TNEB Health Insurance is like that dependable friend who’s always got your back. If you’re part of the TNEB family, the choice seems clear.

Eligibility for TNEB Health Insurance

Absolutely! Let’s lay out the TNEB Health Insurance essentials in plain English.

Are You Eligible? Here’s How You Can Tell

Job Status:

It’s clear-cut – only those with a permanent, full-time position at TNEB or its related companies are eligible.

Coverage Beyond the Employee:

The insurance isn’t selfish; it looks after the employee’s family too. This includes the spouse, the kids, and parents who lean on the employee for their expenses.

Kids’ Criteria:

For your children to enjoy the benefits, they must be younger than 25 and not married.

What About Parents?:

If they’re above 60 and financially dependent on you, they’re covered.

Who Can’t Get Onboard?

  • This scheme doesn’t extend to:
  • Temporary staff.
  • Contract-based workers.
  • Part-time workers.
  • Casual or on-call workers.
  • And those who have retired.

Getting Registered Here’s the Drill

Starting with Paperwork:

First and foremost, fill out the application form.

Verification Items:

Keep a copy of your workplace ID and the most recent pay slip.

Incorporating Family:

If kids are involved, their birth certificates are mandatory. When adding elderly parents, their medical documentation is pivotal.

Submission Point:

All gathered documents should be directed to the HR division of your workplace.

Upon validation, you’ll receive an official health insurance card, which is essentially your key to a range of health services.

How to Utilize the Card?

No-Pay Treatments:

If you’re at a hospital that’s in partnership with the insurance, the card makes the process a breeze. Show it upon admission, and the rest is streamlined.

For Hospitals Outside the Network:

If you end up in a non-associated hospital, you’ll have to pay initially. But, ensure you hold onto all bills and documentation. You can then submit these to the Third Party Administrator (or TPA) within a 15-day frame after getting discharged, to get your money back.

To wrap up, that’s a concise breakdown of the TNEB Health Insurance scheme, highlighting who’s eligible, the registration process, and leveraging the benefits. It’s a valuable provision tailor-made for the dedicated members of TNEB and their loved ones.

Benefits of TNEB Health Insurance

Imagine a bustling bazaar filled with countless health insurance booths, the clamor nearly deafening. Amidst this cacophony, one stall stands out, tall and proud – TNEB Health Insurance. Assuming it’s just another face in the crowd? Time for a reality check!

There’s a spectrum of insurance options out there. On one end, you have your basic, dime-a-dozen policies. On the other? The real game changers, with TNEB comfortably nestled among them.

We’ve all been there, right? Sifting through a policy’s fine print, only to feel that sting of letdown from unexpected exclusions. TNEB, however, is a breath of fresh air. It’s like a buffet where everything’s up for grabs. That surgery you’ve been hesitating over? Consider it covered. Your routine health assessments? They’re in the bag.

But here’s the big reveal: a whopping Rs. 5 lakhs over a compact 4-year span. Think of it as your financial safety net, meticulously woven to catch any health-related falls. Sure, it might make a few jaws drop, but when it comes to well-being, bigger is undeniably better.

How about a world where you grace a hospital, get top-notch treatment, and then nonchalantly exit without ever fumbling through your finances? That’s the magic of TNEB’s cashless service. Almost feels like stepping into a utopia, doesn’t it?

Yet, skepticism looms. “There has to be a catch,” you ponder. Ah, the premium! But it’s not going to empty your coffers. It’s more like the equivalent of treating yourself to a ritzy meal occasionally. And here’s the kicker: TNEB isn’t leaving you to foot the bill alone – they’re pitching in!

If you thought that was the climax, there’s more in store! Worried about your past health record? TNEB’s got your back. Family planning on the horizon? They’re way ahead of you. Pondering alternative treatments like AYUSH? It’s all part of the deal.

But the pièce de résistance? The unparalleled peace of mind TNEB offers. Beyond the nitty-gritty of medical coverage, it’s a serene promise of unshakable support.

So, as you wade through the myriad health insurance options, let TNEB be your North Star. With its exhaustive coverage, smooth operations, and wallet-friendly premium, it stands not just as a policy but as a pact of unwavering trust. Irresistible, isn’t it?

TNEB Health Insurance Comprehensive Coverage & Benefits
TNEB Health Insurance Comprehensive Coverage & Benefits

Premium for TNEB Health Insurance

Embarking on a journey to find the right health insurance can feel a bit like exploring a vast ocean. But amidst this expansive sea, there’s a standout beacon – TNEB Health Insurance. If you’re pondering about setting sail with this plan, here’s your nautical map detailing its premium layout.

With TNEB, they’ve turned premium payments into a team effort. Picture it like two mates rowing a boat; both need to pull their weight for smooth sailing. The employee and TNEB equally share the premium weight, each contributing 50%. The employee’s part is seamlessly whisked away from their monthly earnings, making the process a breeze.

Now, every sailor knows that waters can be unpredictable. Similarly, the premium isn’t a static figure for all. It ebbs and flows based on the employee’s age, the weight of their paycheck, and the number of family crew members they want to bring onboard this insurance vessel.

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To give you a clearer horizon, here’s an approximate breakdown of the monthly premiums based on age categories:

  • Sprightly sailors, aged 30 or younger, have a premium anchor of just about Rs. 300 per month.
  • Navigators in the age group of 31 to 40? Your compass points to roughly Rs. 350 each month.
  • For the experienced captains aged 41 to 50, chart a course for around Rs. 400.
  • And the old sea dogs, those sailing past 50? Your treasure map marks it at about Rs. 450.

Planning to add more crew to your family ship? For every additional member you want under this coverage canopy, drop an extra Rs. 150 in the coffer monthly.

However, it’s crucial to hoist the flag of caution. These numbers are general bearings. Real-life factors like age, salary, and family size can steer the premium to different coordinates.

Craving a more precise chart? Anchoring at the HR dock or setting course to the Third Party Administrator (TPA) lighthouse of the scheme should give you an exact map of your financial journey.

As you scan the horizon of health insurance options, consider this your trusty compass guiding you through TNEB Health Insurance. May you always have fair winds and following seas!

How to claim TNEB Health Insurance

Embarking on the TNEB Health Insurance claim journey? Smooth sailing is the goal. To ensure you navigate this process with ease, here’s your step-by-step guide.

Choose a Network Hospital:

Should you find yourself requiring medical care, opt for a network hospital. These establishments have partnered with TNEB Health Insurance, paving the way for a hassle-free, cashless treatment experience.

Flash Your Insurance Card:

On arrival, simply present your TNEB Health Insurance card to the designated hospital staff.

Let the Hospital Handle the Bills:

Breathe easy. The hospital directly settles the finances with the insurance provider. Your part? Just focus on recovery without worrying about immediate payments.

Opted for a Non-Network Hospital? In cases where treatment occurs at a non-partnered hospital, you’ll be responsible for the initial payment. But fear not! TNEB Health Insurance offers a reimbursement route.

Embark on the Reimbursement Voyage:

To get back the funds, ensure you hand over the original bills and other necessary documents to the TNEB Health Insurance Third Party Administrator (TPA). This needs to happen within a fortnight from the day you’re discharged.

Await Your Reimbursement:

Once your papers are shipshape and submitted, the TPA takes the wheel. Within a 15-day span, they’ll process and reimburse the claimed amount.

When claiming, ensure you’ve got these essential navigational tools (documents) ready

  • A filled-out claim form.
  • All original medical bills and receipts.
  • Discharge summary copy.
  • Medical reports’ copy.
  • A photocopy of your health insurance card.

You can dispatch this trove of documents to the TPA either by traditional mail or by hand-delivering them.

Before setting sail, here are some seasoned sailor tips to steer your TNEB Health Insurance claim journey:

Document Everything:

Ensure you hoard all original bills and medical receipts.

Prompt Paperwork:

Dispatch your claim form and its associated documents to the TPA post-haste, preferably within the 15-day window post-discharge.

Dot the i’s and Cross the t’s:

Meticulously complete the claim form, ensuring all required documents are present and accounted for.

Need a Guiding Star? Should confusion clouds roll in, the TPA is your lighthouse. Reach out for clarity.

Here’s to smooth sailing on your TNEB Health Insurance claim voyage! Safe travels.

TNEB Health Insurance Claim Form

Navigating the realms of insurance claims can sometimes feel like deciphering an ancient script. But with TNEB Health Insurance, they’ve aimed to make the process as straightforward as possible. Should you find yourself needing to file a claim, here’s your user-friendly guide:

Where to Start?

To initiate your TNEB Health Insurance claim process, your starting point is the website of its Third Party Administrator (TPA), the United India Insurance Company Limited.

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Embarking on the Digital Trail

Once on United India Insurance Company Limited’s site, hunt for the ‘Claims’ portal. Herein lies your treasure – the ‘Health Insurance Claim Form’ link. Simply click, and your form will be ready to download.

A Glimpse of the Map (Claim Form)

The claim form is a concise two-pager

Page 1 – Charting the Details
  • Policyholder’s particulars.
  • Information about the insured individual.
  • Hospitalization specifics.
  • Details of the treatment undergone.
  • Breakdown of the claim amount.
Page 2 – Official Declarations
  • Insured individual’s proclamation.
  • Treating physician’s certification.
  • An endorsement from the employer.

Charting Your Journey (Filling the Form)

Equip yourself with the following details

Policyholder’s Corner:

Your name, the sanctified policy number, and how they can reach you.

About the Insured:

The beneficiary’s name, their birthdate, and their connection to the policy owner.

Chronicles of the Hospital:

The establishment’s name and address, along with admission and discharge dates.

Narrative of the Ailment:

The medical condition’s specifics, treatments administered, and the treatment’s cost.

Treasure Count:

The grand total of the claim.

Assembling Your Quest Items (Documents)

Ready your arsenal:
  • Original medical bills and the associated receipts.
  • A photocopy of the hospital discharge synopsis.
  • Replicas of relevant medical reports.
  • A copy of your sacred health insurance card.

Now, pack up this ensemble and dispatch it to the TPA realm. This can be via the age-old postal method or by personally delivering it.

A Few Sage Scrolls (Tips) for Your Journey:

Be Thorough:

Fill each section with care, ensuring no space remains blank unless it’s irrelevant.

Validation Matters:

Ensure every detail penned down is accurate.

Documentary Proof:

Attach every single essential document. Think of them as your quest items.

Seek Guidance:

Confused? The TPA is your oracle. Don’t hesitate to seek its wisdom.

With this guide, may your TNEB Health Insurance claim voyage be smooth and triumphant! Safe adventures!

TNEB Health Insurance Network Hospitals

Picture a web of high-quality hospitals, intricately knit together, dedicated to providing seamless medical care. This is precisely what TNEB Health Insurance’s network of hospitals offers.

The network is an alliance of hospitals that have joined hands with TNEB Health Insurance, promising its members the boon of cashless treatments. With over 500 such establishments peppered across Tamil Nadu, you’re never too far from top-notch care. Key players in this lineup include

  • Apollo Hospitals – Synonymous with world-class healthcare.
  • Christian Medical College, Vellore – A legacy of medical excellence.
  • Gleneagles Global Hospital, Chennai – Offering advanced care.
  • Kauvery Hospitals – A household name in healthcare.
  • Meenakshi Mission Hospital, Madurai – A sanctuary of holistic treatment.
  • MIOT Hospitals – Innovators in medical care.
  • SRM Hospitals – Bridging the gap between illness and wellness.
  • Vijaya Hospital – A pillar of health in the community.

Need to pinpoint a TNEB Health Insurance network hospital near your location? Set sail to the digital domain of United India Insurance Company Limited, the esteemed TPA for TNEB Health Insurance. Anchored in their website’s harbor is the ‘Network Hospitals’ portal. Dive in, and you’ll emerge with a list tailored to your vicinity.

Once you’ve charted your course to a chosen hospital, ensure you carry your TNEB Health Insurance card as your passport. Present it, and the hospital becomes your financial diplomat, liaising directly with the insurer. Your role? Simply focus on healing, free from the frets of immediate payments.

Should you find yourself adrift in queries about this network, the TPA stands ready as your compass, guiding you to clarity.

Why Sail with TNEB Health Insurance Network Hospitals? Here are the treasures you unlock:

Zero Upfront Payment:

Set foot, receive care, and walk out, all without a dent in your wallet.

Hassle-Free Bill Settlement:

The hospital and insurer converse, leaving you out of the billing dialogue.

Discounted Voyage:

Avail discounts, making the journey of treatment more economical.

Priority Pass:

Like a VIP ticket, ensuring you aren’t left waiting.

Personalized Care: Hospital staff cater to your needs, making your stay comfortable and healing-centric.

So, as you plot your healthcare journey, let TNEB Health Insurance’s network hospitals be your trusted harbors, ensuring your voyage to wellness is smooth and serene. Safe recuperation!

TNEB Health Insurance Customer Care Number

In the expansive realm of health insurance, having a helpline is like possessing a magic wand, ready to guide and assist whenever summoned. For those aboard the TNEB Health Insurance ship, this magical entity is the Customer Care Number: 1800 233 5666.

This number, always alight and ever-ready, serves as a lighthouse 24/7. No matter the time or day, it ensures you’re never lost in the vast sea of queries or concerns.

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What Mysteries Can This Magical Number Unravel?

Learn the Legends:

Dive deep into the lore of the TNEB Health Insurance scheme.

Discover Healing Havens:

Identify the network hospitals, your sanctuaries of care.

Embark on the Claim Quest:

Initiate your claim journey or unearth the mysteries of the process.

Track Your Treasure:

Monitor the progress of your claim, ensuring it’s on the right path.

Resolve Riddles:

If you ever feel caught in the stormy seas of confusion or dissatisfaction, this number will guide you to clearer waters.

Upon invoking this number, a guardian (customer service representative) will emerge from the ether, equipped to steer you through your quest.

TNEB Health Insurance Comprehensive Coverage & Benefits
TNEB Health Insurance Comprehensive Coverage & Benefits

For an Enchanted Interaction, Remember These Scrolls of Wisdom

The Sacred Number:

Keep your policy number, the key to your identity, close at hand.

The Clear Spell:

Precision is power. Cast your questions with clarity.

The Patience Potion:

Every guardian needs a moment to weave their magic. Await their guidance with patience and grace

With the TNEB Health Insurance Customer Care Number as your enchanted compass, may every query and concern find its resolution, and may your journey through the realm of health insurance be blessed with clarity and ease. Safe voyages!

Benefits of TNEB Health Insurance for TNEB Employees and Their Families

In the intricate tapestry of health insurance, the TNEB Health Insurance scheme shines brightly as a beacon for its employees and their kin.

Let’s unravel the threads of benefits that make this scheme a golden opportunity:

The Mantle of Comprehensive Protection:

This scheme is akin to a shield, guarding against an array of medical adversities. Whether it’s an unexpected surgery, routine diagnostic tests, or even the oft-overlooked outpatient expenses, the scheme’s protective aura ensures TNEB families stay financially secure.

The Tower of High Limits:

With a fortifying coverage of Rs. 5 lakhs spanning a block of four years, families can find solace knowing they’re ensconced within sturdy financial walls, even when faced with sizable medical costs.

The Magic of Cashless Care:

Journey into any network hospital, and experience the alchemy of cashless treatment. No burdens of upfront payments; the hospital liaises directly with the insurer, crafting a seamless healing experience.

The Potion of Affordability:

The scheme’s premium, a blend of modesty and value, is conjured by both the employee and TNEB, each contributing an equal half. This brew ensures that the protective enchantment is accessible without draining one’s coffers.

The Chest of Extra Treasures Beyond the primary wonders, the scheme unveils hidden gems

Ancient Ailments:

Coverage for those pre-existing medical tales.

The Miracle of Life:

Embracing maternity expenses.

The Newest Members:

Newborns are immediately cocooned under the scheme’s protective wing.

Gift of Life:

Organ transplants find their place under this canopy.

Nature’s Wisdom:

A nod to AYUSH treatments, encompassing traditional healing methods.

Above the tangible benefits lies the intangible, yet invaluable, gift of serenity. For TNEB families, the mere knowledge of this steadfast financial guardian can be a salve against the anxiety of unforeseen medical challenges.

To encapsulate, the TNEB Health Insurance scheme isn’t merely a contractual agreement but a testament to the organization’s commitment to the well-being of its employees and their families. Truly, it’s a lifeline in the unpredictable seas of health challenges. Safe and healthy voyages to all!

Additional Benefits of TNEB Health Insurance

Within the annals of health insurance, the TNEB Health Insurance scheme is akin to a multifaceted gem, each facet representing a unique benefit. While you’re already privy to its core advantages, let’s journey deeper into the additional bounties it bestows upon its beneficiaries:

The Healing Past:

Chronic ailments or previous health hiccups no longer need to cast a shadow over the present. With a mere waiting period of 2 years, the scheme gracefully covers pre-existing conditions, offering solace to those previously diagnosed.

The Miracle of Creation:

Welcoming a new life can be both joyous and financially daunting. The scheme cushions this wondrous journey, covering maternity expenses up to Rs. 50,000, ensuring both mother and baby receive the best care without financial stress.

Embracing New Beginnings:

From their very first breath, newborns are cradled within the scheme’s protective embrace, covering all their nascent health needs, from hospital care to vital vaccinations.

The Gift of Life:

The monumental decision of organ transplantation comes with its unique financial challenges. The scheme becomes a beacon of hope, covering transplantation costs up to an impressive Rs. 10 lakhs, ensuring that the financial aspect doesn’t overshadow this life-saving endeavor.

Nature’s Wisdom:

Recognizing the ancient medical wisdom of India, the scheme provides for AYUSH treatments up to Rs. 10,000 annually, embracing holistic approaches like Ayurveda, Yoga, and Unani.

Going beyond the traditional

Wellness at a Bargain:

Health checkups, the preventative guardians of health, are more accessible, with exclusive discounts at partnered establishments.

Pharmacy Partnerships:

The burden of medication costs lightens with exclusive discounts at select pharmacies.

Digital Health Frontier:

The scheme steps into the future, offering online health amenities, such as e-consultations with doctors and online medicine deliveries, ensuring healthcare is just a click away.

In summation, the TNEB Health Insurance scheme isn’t merely a protective shield; it’s a comprehensive guardian angel, with wings spread wide, ready to offer a comforting embrace in the diverse health challenges of TNEB employees and their families. It’s a tapestry of benefits woven with care and foresight, truly an invaluable asset for its beneficiaries. Sail smoothly through your health journey!

How to Apply for TNEB Health Insurance

Embarking on the journey with TNEB Health Insurance? Here’s your step-by-step map to navigate through the application process:

The Quest for the Form:

Begin by delving into the digital realm of United India Insurance Company Limited, the esteemed TPA for TNEB Health Insurance. Therein, you’ll discover the coveted TNEB Health Insurance application form. Download this treasure.

Parchment Preparation:

With the form in hand, channel your focus to fill it out with precision. Each detail counts, so ensure you leave no stone unturned.

The Trove of Proofs Just as a hero gathers artifacts, you must assemble the necessary documents …

A reflection of your identity:

A copy of your TNEB employee ID card.

Chronicles of Birth:

Copies of birth certificates for family members you wish to safeguard under this protective umbrella (if they are to be included).

Elders’ Health Scrolls:

If dependent parents are to be shielded, their medical certificates become essential.

The Handover Ritual:

Once your documentation potion is complete, entrust it to the keepers of such applications – the HR department in your realm (office). They, with their mystical HR powers, will breathe life into your application.

The Emblem of Protection:

After the mystical HR rites, they’ll bestow upon you and your kin the Health Insurance Card – your talisman against health-related financial challenges.

With this card in your possession, the vast world of TNEB Health Insurance benefits unfurls before you. Whether seeking healing in network sanctuaries or venturing into non-network domains, you’re safeguarded.

Ancient Scrolls of Wisdom for Aspiring TNEB Insurance Applicants

Precision is Power:

As you fill the form, let every detail resonate with accuracy.

The Complete Chronicle:

Ensure your story is full – every necessary detail penned, every essential document attached.

Timely Offerings:

Submit your completed saga (application form and documents) to the HR guardians promptly.

The Echo:

Retain a mirror image – a copy of your filled application and documents. It’s always wise to have a reflection of your journey.

So, as you chart your course into the TNEB Health Insurance universe, let this guide illuminate your path. Here’s to a journey of security and peace of mind! Safe travels!

TNEB Health Insurance Card Download

Stepping into the realm of digital health services, TNEB ensures that accessing your Health Insurance Card is but a few clicks away. Let’s embark on the journey to retrieve your digital talisman:

Via the United India Insurance Company Limited Portal

Digital Portal’s Gateway: Commence your quest at the portal of United India Insurance Company Limited, the guardian TPA for TNEB Health Insurance.

Realm of Policyholders:

Seek the ‘Policyholder’ dominion and invoke the ‘Login’ portal.

Keys to the Kingdom:

Use your policy number and secret passphrase (password) to gain entrance.

The Library of Downloads:

Here, amidst various scrolls, you’ll spot the ‘Health Insurance Card’ link. Command it to reveal itself.

The Card’s Revelation:

Behold! Your Health Insurance Card materializes in a mystical PDF format.


Secure this digital treasure on your computing device or summon it into the physical realm with a printout.

Via the Sacred TNEB Portal

Entrance to the Fortress:

Begin at the mighty gates of the TNEB website. Seek the enclave meant for its valiant employees.

The Path of Health:

Navigate to the ‘Health Insurance’ beacon.

The Revelation Stone:

On this sacred ground, you’ll discover the ‘Download Health Insurance Card’ emblem. Command it to unveil its secrets.

Card’s Emergence:

As if by magic, your Health Insurance Card manifests in the revered PDF form.

Securing the Artifact:

Cast this digital charm onto your device or materialize it with a printout.

Facing Troubles in Your Quest?

Should challenges arise or digital mazes confound you, invoke the assistance of the Oracle at the TNEB Health Insurance Customer Care Number: 1800 233 5666. They shall guide you.

However, heed this: The digital card can only be summoned if the physical realm has previously acknowledged your existence as a TNEB employee and you’ve been initiated into the TNEB Health Insurance covenant.

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