How to Apply for AU Small Finance Bank Credit Card

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Ah, credit cards! These small rectangular pieces of plastic (or metal, if you’re fancy) that we so dearly cling to. Why? Simply put, they make our life simpler. But choosing the right one? That’s where it gets intriguing. Dive in, and let’s unravel the mystery of AU Small Finance Bank’s credit card offerings.

What is AU Small Finance Bank Credit Card?

Alright, first up, the AU LIT Credit Card. “LIT”? Yep, just as it sounds. It’s like that cool cousin who’s always traveling and knows the best dining spots. You’ll be pulling in a sweet 5% cashback when you’re trotting the globe or munching on some exquisite delicacies. Oh, and for everything else? A neat 1% cashback. Not too shabby, eh?

Then we’ve got the AU Zenith Credit Card. The name itself screams luxury. It’s akin to that elite club membership. What’s in the package? Oh, just some minor perks like swanking it up in airport lounges and being armed with travel insurance. Plus, the cherry on top, reward points! Use them wisely, and you might just get that fancy gadget you’ve been eyeing.

Now, enter AU Vetta Credit Card. Picture this: You’ve had a long week. The AU Vetta is that rejuvenating spa day or that killer sale you stumbled upon. Discounts galore on dining, shopping, and even those late-night movie binges. And, if you’re a traveler, there’s complimentary lounge access waiting for you. Airports and railways both, because why not?

The AU Altura Plus Credit Card? It’s like the smart aleck in the room. Milestones, cashbacks, rewards, and…wait for it…no more pesky fuel surcharges. Plus, something we all need but never think of – complimentary life insurance. Yes, they thought of that too!

Lastly, the AU Altura Credit Card. It’s the every-person card. Whether you’re shopping for groceries or refueling, there’s something in it for everyone.

How to Apply for AU Small Finance Bank Credit Card

Thinking of hopping on this train? It’s straightforward. Either hit up the bank’s website or stroll into one of their branches. Hand over some basic deets, and voila! Await their decision. And if the stars align and you get approved, well, welcome to a world of privileges.

From a whopping 55-day interest-free period (imagine all the shopping!) to the cascade of reward points and exclusive access to events, the perks are aplenty. Plus, the convenience factor? Top-notch. Online shopping sprees, last-minute gift purchases, or those pesky bills – your AU Small Finance Bank credit card has got you covered.

A word to the wise? Do your homework. Compare the cards, gauge what fits your lifestyle, and always, always read the fine print. It’s a world of benefits out there, but only if you pick wisely. Cheers to making the right choice!

What’s AU Small Finance Bank Credit Card Offers?

Listen up, deal hunters! If ever there was a heaven for credit card aficionados, AU Small Finance Bank might just be the pearly gates. Intrigued? Here’s a lowdown on what’s up for grabs.

Firstly, let’s talk entrance gifts. You know, like those unexpected freebies you found at the bottom of snack packs? The Welcome Bonus is somewhat the grown-up version of that. Say, you decide to go with the AU LIT Credit Card. Bam! You’re instantly richer by a cool 1,000 reward points. And these aren’t just numbers; they’re your ticket to an array of goodies. Ever thought shopping could get any better?

Next in line, the Cashback Offers. Imagine a world where every dime you spend fetches you some back. Dreamy, right? With AU Small Finance Bank’s offerings, it ain’t a dream no more. Be it jet-setting across continents, sampling gourmet dishes, or just your mundane grocery haul; there’s cashback lurking. With the AU LIT Credit Card in tow, every expense is an opportunity.

But hold on, the party ain’t over! Enter, Reward Points. Think of them as confetti for every card swipe. Movie binge or a weekend jaunt, your points are the magic carpet. For the high-rollers, the AU Zenith Credit Card throws in 2 reward points for every Rs. 100, whether you’re painting the town red or traipsing in Timbuktu.

Still got some appetite left? Feast your eyes on the Discounts & Offers. Been eyeing that Friday blockbuster? Here’s a tip: shift it to Thursday. As an AU Small Finance Bank card maestro, you get a whopping half-off on BookMyShow movie tickets. Might as well grab that extra popcorn tub!

Craving the full spread? A digital dive into the bank’s website will unveil all their latest temptations. Or if you’re the chatty type, a ring to their customer care might spill some exclusive beans.

A tiny footnote though: All that glitters isn’t always gold. Don’t get so lost in the dazzle that you forget to skim through the terms and conditions. They’re like the map to this treasure, marking the X that spots the real deal.

So, strap in, swipe smart, and let the savings begin! Cheers!

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What is AU Small Finance Bank Credit Card Benefits?

Ladies and gents, if you’ve been scouring the market for that perfect plastic companion to accompany your wallet, AU Small Finance Bank might just be waving the golden ticket. Their credit card lineup boasts of perks that would make anyone sit up and take notice. Let’s dive deep and unravel this treasure chest.

The Basic Goodies

Rewards and Cashback:

Swipe, spend, and watch the rewards roll in. Whether it’s a spontaneous getaway or those coveted concert tickets, the points and cashbacks are your best buds.

Exclusive Discounts:

Planning a shopping spree or dining out? Hold that thought! With exclusive offers galore, your card ensures you get more bang for your buck.

Unadulterated Convenience:

From virtual carts to brick-and-mortar stores, or just a good ol’ telephonic purchase – your AU credit card is the key.

Interest-free Period:

Play it smart and enjoy up to 55 days without any interest nibbling at your finances. Spend now, pay later without the pinch.

Sprinkle of Extras:

Some cards come with a side of luxe – think airport lounges, travel protection, or extended warranty.

The Star Players

AU LIT Credit Card:

Here’s a card that doesn’t believe in charging you for life. Revel in a life free of annual charges, coupled with a sumptuous 5% cashback on travel, dining, and grocery. Everything else? A neat 1% cashback.

AU Zenith Credit Card:

Roll out the red carpet for the high-flyer card! Lounge access? Check. Travel insurance? Check. Points to splurge? Double-check!

AU Vetta Credit Card:

For those who wear lifestyle on their sleeve. Discounts, fast-tracked reward points, and the high life of airport and railway lounges await.

AU Altura Plus Credit Card:

It’s the card that thinks of everything – milestones, cashback, points, fuel waivers, and even a safety net with complimentary life insurance.

AU Altura Credit Card:

This one’s the jack of all trades. With points ripe for the picking and fuel surcharge waivers, it’s practicality packed in plastic.

Intrigued? Want to know more? The digital doors of the bank’s website are always open. Or if you fancy a chat, the bank’s friendly customer care is just a dial away.

Before you rush, always remember the age-old adage: The devil’s in the details. A quick glance at the T&C will ensure your credit card journey is smooth sailing. Happy card hunting!

What’s the AU Small Finance Bank Credit Card Charges

Buckle up, credit card explorer! You’re about to embark on a journey through the fascinating landscape of AU Small Finance Bank’s credit cards. While these cards dazzle with their rewards and conveniences, they also come with certain commitments.

So, let’s pull back the curtain and understand what’s in store for you.

Annual Fee:

Picture this as the membership fee to an elite club. Depending on the prestige level of the card, it might range from a modest Rs. 199 to a princely Rs. 7,999 annually. Think of it as a season pass to a world where your spending translates to rewards.

Interest Rate:

Imagine a ticking clock whenever you miss clearing your full dues. The bank’s interest rates, hovering between 23% to 36% annually, ensure that prompt payment is in your best interest – quite literally.

Late Payment Fee:

This is the bank’s gentle reminder to uphold your end of the deal. Miss your payment date, and there’s a Rs. 500 fee, nudging you to stay on track.

Over-limit Fee:

Picture yourself at a buffet and accidentally piling on more than your plate can handle. Similarly, exceeding your credit limit will fetch a neat Rs. 500 charge.

Cash Advance Fee:

In those rare, tight moments when you require cash against your credit card, the bank extends a hand but at a cost. Expect to shell out 3% of the withdrawn amount, with Rs. 500 being the baseline.

Fuel Surcharge:

Drive to a fuel station, swipe your card, and occasionally there’s this 1% extra charge on your bill. A tiny surcharge that you’d be wise to account for.

But here’s the kicker: this isn’t the complete tale. Just like every movie has its trailers and teasers, your credit card comes with a terms and conditions booklet. This document is your guidebook, revealing the nuances of your card. Diving into it will shield you from surprises and equip you to harness the full power of your card.

In the vast universe of credit cards, where every swipe can be a reward or a lesson, being informed is your superpower. Navigate with care, and your credit card could very well be your most rewarding financial ally. Happy venturing!

How to AU Small Finance Bank Credit Card Apply

Dreaming of the day you flash your AU Small Finance Bank credit card at chic boutiques or gourmet restaurants? Let’s turn that dream into a reality. But first, you’ve got to ace the application game. Whether you’re a netizen or love good ol’ brick-and-mortar experiences.

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Here’s how you can get started

Applying Online:

Embark on a Digital Journey:

Begin at the AU Small Finance Bank’s official website. A world of financial opportunities awaits!

Find Your Plastic Match:

Navigate to the “Credit Cards” section. Each card tells a unique tale. Which one resonates with you?

All Eyes on the Prize:

Found ‘the one’? Click on it.

Make the First Move:

Spotted the “Apply Now” button? Give it a click.

Bare the Essentials:

Time to share a bit about yourself – the usual suspects: name, address, how much moolah you make, and so forth.

Dot the I’s, Cross the T’s:

Once all’s filled in, review your details. If all looks good, hit that submit button.

Going the Traditional Route

Local Exploration:

Track down your nearest AU Small Finance Bank branch.

Paper and Pen:

Once there, request a credit card application form.

Fill in the Blanks:

Jot down the necessary details and get your signature game on.

Documentary Evidence:

Make sure to have your trusty PAN and Aadhaar card by your side. They’ll vouch for your authenticity.

Didn’t strike gold the first time around? Don’t lose heart. Sometimes, the universe asks you to play the waiting game. Polish up that credit score, trim down that debt, and you could be ready to reapply in a few months.

The world of credit is a dance of numbers, choices, and sometimes, a sprinkle of luck. Here’s to hoping you dance your way to success!

How to Apply for AU Small Finance Bank Credit Card

How to AU Small Finance Bank Credit Card Login

Peek-a-boo! Want a glance into your AU Small Finance Bank credit card shenanigans? Be it from the coziness of your desk with a cuppa or on-the-go with your trusty mobile, accessing your card stats is simpler than tying a shoelace.

Here’s the grand tour.

Stepping into AU 0101 NetBanking World:

First Stop:

Navigate your browser to the AU 0101 NetBanking portal. Consider this the entrance to your financial playground.

Name Tags:

Look out for those fields beckoning for your username and password. That’s your golden key.

Open Sesame:

Done typing? Press the “Login” button and witness the magic unfold.

Embarking on the AU 0101 App Adventure

Begin the Quest:

Find and tap open the AU 0101 app. Welcome to banking at lightning speed!

Credentials, Please!:

Bestow the app with your username and password. It’s the secret handshake.

The Grand Reveal:

Tap that “Login” and step into your world of numbers.

Once inside, imagine it as your personal financial journal. Whether you’re curious about your latest splurge or anxious about that bill due date, it’s all laid out. Maybe settle some bills? Or perhaps you’re eyeing those reward points? Engage away!

Did the Password Gremlins Strike?

Fear not if your memory’s betraying you. Here’s how to regain control:

Lifeline Alert:

On the website or within the app, the “Forgot Password?” is your knight in shining armor.

Friendly Quiz:

Arm yourself with either your username or the credit card number.

Chart a New Path:

Hit “Reset Password” and trail the prompts. You’ll find your way back.

Should you find yourself in the labyrinth of digital dilemmas, AU’s customer care brigade stands guard, ever-ready to steer you right.

Remember, this digital realm isn’t just about swift banking; it’s a fortress. Each time you key in, you’re enveloped in layers of security, ensuring your financial tales stay yours alone. So, embrace the adventure, and let your finances dance at your fingertips!

How to Get AU Small Finance Bank Credit Card Status

How to Know AU Small Finance Bank Credit Card Application Status
Eager to see where your AU Small Finance Bank credit card application stands? With the future of your financial adventures hanging in the balance, the anticipation is real. Well, fret not!

Here’s how you can keep tabs on it:

The Web Way:
App-tastic Tracking:
The Voice Route:

If you prefer the good ol’ human touch, dial up AU Small Finance Bank’s guardians at 18001031111. They’re poised and ready to update you.

Post-approval, keep an eye on your mailbox! Your shiny new card will journey its way to you. Upon its arrival, summon its powers either through the mystic voice of the customer care or the enchantment of your NetBanking account.

Reading the Oracle

Depending on the stars, your application might whisper different tales:
Pending: Patience, young squire! Your application is weaving its tale.


Rejoice! Your financial steed is galloping towards you.


Alas, a setback! But fear not; consulting the customer care oracle might reveal paths to better fortune.

In times of quandaries or for deeper insights into your application’s prophecies, the wise beings at AU’s customer care are but a call away, ever-ready to guide.

May the winds of fortune favor your application’s voyage! Safe travels through the land of credit.

What’s the Process of AU Small Finance Bank Credit Card Payment

If you’re navigating the seas of financial responsibility with an AU Small Finance Bank credit card, it’s crucial to know the routes to ensure timely payment.

Let’s unfurl the map and chart out your course

Navigating NetBanking Waters:

Dive into the AU 0101 NetBanking portal.

Seek the “Credit Card” territory and once there, the “Pay Bill” beacon will guide your way. Type in your dues and sail smoothly through the payment.


With the AU 0101 mobile app as your compass, steer your way into the realm of “Credit Card”.

The “Pay Bill” isle beckons. Key in your due amount and let the app magic take care of the rest.

UPI Odyssey:

For a swifter sail, harness the power of UPI. With AUCC.<Registered Mobile Number><Last 4 digit of Credit Card>@AUBANK as your guiding star, embark on this payment voyage.

The BillDesk Beacon:

Cast your net on the BillDesk portal or its app counterpart. With your card’s unique numbers and its expiration date, secure your payment treasures.

The NEFT/RTGS Route:

For those preferring old-world navigation, the NEFT or RTGS channels remain ever open. The mystic IFSC code AUBL0CCARDS is the key to this pathway.

Seafarer’s Wisdom:

An old ship’s bell or a modern alarm, whatever your reminder choice, set one to ensure timely payment.

With auto-pilot (automatic payments), let your dues sail smoothly from your treasure chest (bank account) every month.

And in stormy times when gold is scarce, even a few doubloons (partial payment) will suffice, but remember, the seas might get a tad rougher with interest.

As the tides change and days pass, give it a few sunrises for your treasures (payments) to safely dock at the AU Small Finance Bank harbor.

Find yourself stranded or facing stormy seas? Fear not! The AU Small Finance Bank’s crew (customer care) is ready to hoist you out of troubled waters. A quick message in a bottle (call or email) will bring them sailing to your aid.

Here’s to smooth sailing and timely treasures in the vast ocean of credit! Safe voyages!

What is AU Small Finance Bank Credit Card Customer Care Number

Hark, cardholders! If you bear the emblem of the AU Small Finance Bank on your credit card and ever find yourself in a quandary, your helpline awaits just a raven’s message away (or, more precisely, a phone call).

Reach out to the AU Small Finance Bank Oracle

Your key to wisdom: Dial 1800 1200 1500. Rain or shine, day or night, this beacon of knowledge shines bright, ever ready, all week.

What magical deeds can this Oracle perform, you ask?:

Peek into your Treasury:

Ascertain the gold and gems (or, balance and transactions) in your coffers.

Pay the Royal Treasury:

Dispatch your dues without ever stepping outside your castle.

Lost Artifact Alert:

Has your precious card been misplaced or stolen? Report and protect your riches.

Expand your Coffers:

Seek permission to enhance your treasure limit.

Challenge a Trade:

Found a transaction that doesn’t sit right? Raise a dispute.

Navigate the Rewards Labyrinth:

The oracle guides you through the maze of rewards.

Discover the Card’s Chronicles:

Unravel the stories, benefits, and perks of your treasured card.

In the ever-twisting maze of finance, it’s easy to stumble or lose your way. But fear not! With the AU Small Finance Bank’s custodians just a call away, you’ll always find guidance and solace. Seek, and you shall be assisted, for they are ever vigilant and ever ready to aid. Safe adventures in the realm of credit!

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